6 Reasons Why You Should Not Play Pubg

6 Reasons Why You Should Not Play Pubg

Have you tried playing pubg before, if not then I would advise you to stay away from it. As it has several annoying issues that need to be addressed. I used to play pubg every day, but after trying other battle royale games, I was wondering, why I didn’t try those games earlier? Why I wasted so much time playing Pubg? So, later I realised that Am I the only one spending time on Pubg. So, at last, I decided to educate you why Pubg is not worthy of your valuable time. What are we waiting for, let’s start-

1. A Game of Cheating

With millions of users, Pubg is now a global game that is played all around the world. However, some individuals in the game are trying their best to ruin the game for everyone by using cheating and hacking tools. Be it the PC version or Mobile Version of Pubg. It is surrounded by cheaters who use scripts or cheating apps like Games guardian for AimBot or Wallhacks.

However, when you play an online video game, all this cheating is expected from players. I think this is unfair for other players who play this game by rules. As per Tencent- “they don’t tolerate cheaters.” So, for this, they are starting to ban players with unusual activity. Moreover, if you think that your opponents killed you by cheating, then Tencent allows you to report them. As a result, Tencent bans their account after further investigation. As per the official twitter handle of BattlEye, Pub bans 6k to 13k players every day. Moreover, I tried several games but never faced cheating at this level.

2. Huge Maps

When I talk about Fortnite, it has a single map, but the good thing is that Pubg has several maps. Well, don’t get too much excited, Pubg has large maps, and I mean huge maps. As a result, it is difficult for you to remember every landmark it is available in Pubg. However, still, there are some favourite spots on the map that you can remember and get familiar with. However, yet, you can get confused sometimes with the places as the map is too big. However, Pubg is trying their best by releasing new maps in the latest Pubg Update. Their effort is appreciated, but still, they are far away from perfection. So, if Pubg wants to retain players on Pc or any other platform, they need to make map shorter or reduce the time limit of safe zone reduction.

3. Slow Aiming

When you play an FPS game, you set to aim at your enemy by zooming in at them, and most of the time you decide to go back and forth to aim for a potential shot at your enemy. However, in the case of Pubg, I faced insane problems with the weird controller that made it impossible for me to experience natural and realistic gameplay.

However, if you still don’t understand, then let me tell you that when you aim down at your enemy using the scope. You will enter into a whole new aiming mode along with different controls. Moreover, I expected Pubg to work with my natural reflexes. However, it didn’t. If you love to snipe then don’t play this game as you will be disappointed by the slow aiming.

4. A Battle of Patience

If you start to play pubg in your PC with the hope that you will land on a hot spot and kill your opponents instantly and finish the game with Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Well, you are wrong, my friend! However, if you play the game with full defence, everyone will bully you in the match.

So, if you are starting to play Pubg with high expectations, you will land on the map and start by killing your enemy, left and right and reach to the top. Well, you will be disappointed quickly. So, if you still want to play Pubg then what more can I say, waste your time by hiding in a bush or house.

5. Annoying Snipers

When we talk about FPS game but don’t talk about Snipers, it will not be good. So, let’s start! Snipers are almost everywhere in the map with different bolt-action sniper rifle guns such as Kar 98, M24 and AWM. A sniper can kill his opponent using these bolt-action sniper rifles from far away using an 8X scope. If their snipers are equipped with a suppressor, then it’s a cherry on top for them. The reason for this is it’s challenging to track long-distance suppressed shot.

If you love to snipe, then don’t get offended, I am not trying to say that I don’t like a sniper. All I am saying that it’s quite annoying when people snipe and camp at the same time.

6. Laggy Gameplay

The most annoying thing about Pubg is that it lags a lot. I think that this game is full of bugs. I played Pubg on both Pc and Smartphone and faced the same issue of Lag. I read somewhere that this might be because of the Internet connection. So, I even checked my Internet Connection, but it was working fine.

Moreover, I faced many weird bugs when playing pubg on my device and one of them was sinking of players and cars through the floor. Due to this bug, I was not able to play the game, until I start over a new match. Another bug I faced was that doors blow up on my face without any reason whatsoever. So, it’s safe to say that even after one year of its launch users is facing these issues. So, if Tencent wants to retain its users, then they need to fix these problems.


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