Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice Beauty Health


Bottle gourd is a very beneficial edible item easily available in our surroundings. And, then also many of us avoid it, just because we are not aware of its properties and benefits. Hence, I believe you all will be benefited after knowing the facts and advantages of this juice.

About bottle gourd :

Science says, 96% of bottle gourd is made with water. Moreover, taking 1 serving of it. Just 100gm gives only 12 calories that are so beneficial for health and body.

How to prepare Bottle Gourd juice :

  1. Peel off your bottle gourd.
  2. Chop it into average sizes.
  3. Crush them in a mixer juicer with a little amount of water.
  4. Drink it as soon as possible.

Important points before you consume juice:

  1. Taste bottle gourd before you use it, if it is bitter, then do not go for it. It is unhealthy.
  2. Please drink the juice as soon as you prepare it, as the juice turns unhealthy after a few minutes.
  3. Avoid straining your juice, as juice contains fibres, which is a key ingredient of bottle gourd juice.
  4. Visit the doctor as soon as possible if you feel any side-effect on your body and health.

18 Beauty and Health Benefits of Bottle gourd juice:

  1. A common benefit of bottle gourd juice is known well for weight loss. People who are keen for faster weight loss with no side-effects on their body, later on, must go for bottle gourd juice.
  2. The major benefit of bottle gourd juice is that it very good for heart patients as the juice has the property to lower the body’s blood pressure.
  3. Highly beneficial for the skin. Bottle gourd juice is well known for beauty. It has the potential to bring easily glow on the skin.
  4. It contains many vital vitamins and minerals such as phosphorous, vitamin A etc.
  5. As we know, bottle gourd is made up of water and fibre. Hence, it is meant to increase the metabolism of the human body.
  6. Bottle gourd helps to reduce hunger pangs. Hence, you will feel lesser hungry next time. Thereby, beneficial for those who are always in search of eating next.
  7. Urinary diseases can also be cured easily with bottle gourd juice.
  8. Stomach and digestive problems such as constipation, calculus(or well known as stone), piles and diarrhoea are curable with the juice.
  9. To beat the summer heat and remain refreshed and cooled, drink bottle gourd juice along with a pinch of salt.
  10. This juice is a lot beneficial for diabetic patients. As the juice has low sugar content.
  11. Greying of hair is a very common problem prevailing nowadays, and hence often women feel shy with this to come in public. Bottle gourd juice is to their rescue.
  12. Sleeping disorder such as insomnia and late night sleeps is curable with bottle gourd juice.
  13. Along with the benefits of juice, bottle gourd can also be used to prepare face masks for smooth and gorgeous skin.
  14. Tension, also commonly known as hypertension prevailing a lot in people due to the changing environment can be reduced with regular intakes of bottle gourd juice. Hence, helpful in reducing stress.
  15. Along with greying hair problem, dandruff problem can also be treated with bottle gourd juice. Hair fall and baldness problem are also treatable.
  16. Inflammations in the liver and kidneys are also curable with bottle gourd juice. Also, can give release from jaundice. A common stomach and liver issue.
  17. Fatigue and weakness problem easily prevailing in human bodies can be cured when the juice is taken along with little salt.
  18. Fluids lost from the body due to profound sweating can also be recovered with bottle gourd juice.

Hence, these are the few health, beauty and medicinal scientific benefits of bottle gourd juice.


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