12 Benefits You Get From Eggs


12 Reasons you should eat eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of proteins. They are also affordable. Rich in amino acids, iron, and antioxidants, they improve your immune system. It is recommended you eat a whole egg, both yolk and egg white.

When buying eggs, always read the labels and go for organic, since it is the only way you will get antibiotics free, hormones and vaccines free eggs.

Why are eggs good for you?

Reduce the risk of heart disease

There are two types of cholesterol, as we all know it: LDL and HDL – the ’good’ and ’bad’ cholesterol. LDL can cause atherosclerosis by transmitting fat molecules into artery walls. On the other hand, HDL removes fat molecule from the walls of the arteries. But, not all LDL particles are the same, and there are different subtypes and different sizes. The bigger, the better scientists claim, because individuals who have predominantly small, dense LDL particles have an increased risk of heart disease compared to individuals who have predominantly large LDL particles. Researches indicate that the LDL particles change from small and dense to large, thus cutting the risk of cardiovascular issues.

Immune system boost

Include an egg into your daily diet and avoid various infections, diseases, and viruses. One egg contains enough selenium to regulate your immune system and the thyroid hormones. It is essential for children to eat enough eggs. Lack of selenium in children can cause Keshan disease and Kashin-Beck disease, diseases that can affect the heart, the joints, and the bones.

Control your cholesterol profile

As mentioned before, eggs can improve your cholesterol status. Eggs are known to increase the HDL, the good cholesterol and to increase the size of the LDL particles.

Power booster

Eggs are rich in riboflavin, the vitamin B2. The B group of vitamins is essential for giving your body the energy it needs each day.

Skin and hair improvement

B complex is also responsible for the liver, eyes, skin, and hair well-being. These vitamins are necessary for good nervous system functioning.

You will eat less

Eggs are a fantastic protein source. On the Satiety Index scale, they are standing very high, which means they contribute to the feeling of fullness a lot.

You will lose fat

Eggs are connected to fat loss. The research was conducted, dividing people into 2 groups for 8 weeks. The first group of people had eggs for breakfast and the other bagels, with the same amount of calories. The group that ate eggs lost 65 per cent more body fat, had a 61 per cent greater reduction in BMI (body mass index) and saw a 34 per cent greater reduction in the waist circumference.

Brain protection

A nutrient called choline is essential for brain protection because it is a part of the cell membranes and it is necessary for synthesizing acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter. Cognitive dysfunctions are connected to choline insufficiency, according to many studies.

You will save your life

By eating eggs, you will provide your body all the 20 amino acids it needs, in order to work properly and maintain health. Insufficiency in amino acids that eggs provide can cause muscle wasting, weakness, bad immunity, fatigue…

Lower your stress and anxiety

Lacking the amino acids from eggs can sometimes cause mental problems. A 2004 research showed that stress and anxiety can be reduced by enriching your diet with lysine, probably by modulating serotonin in the nervous system.

Good for eyes and vision

Antioxidants from egg yolk, lutein and zeaxanthin are proved to protect eyes and their health. They lower the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts, some of the major causes of vision impairment and blindness among the older population.

Improve your bones and teeth

Vitamin D is essential for good development of bones and teeth. This vitamin protects the bones and the teeth mainly by aiding the absorption of calcium and eggs are rich in vitamin D. It is also great for maintaining your heart, colon, and metabolism healthy and properly working


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