Best Garmin GPS Tracking Device Features


If you are on a long drive along the highway, you must have seen many cars having a navigation device located on the dashboard or near the windshield. This GPS device is one of the popular amongst the few gadgets that makes life smooth and simpler. You can travel without any pause, avoiding taking help from milestones or asking directions from person to person. And the most accepted GPS device is Garmin GPS device with a bunch of features for customers who are more likely to travel from place to place.



Important Features of Garmin GPS Device

Are you also a regular traveller? Do you face difficulty in choosing the correct and shortest route for your destination? Well, then Garmin device can be a saviour for you. But, before buying you must have a look at its features we have mentioned below to make it easier for you to buy:

Display Size

The Display size of Garmin Gps device is convenient and keeps a closer to view from and at the same time and is compatible to handle.

Traffic Data

If you are residing in a metropolitan city, then peak time can definitely hold you back with traffic for a long hour. In this case, the Garmin device can be important that offers you live details of traffic condition sparing you of being stuck in traffic and navigating you from a hassle-free route.

Voice Commands

Voice commands are hand-free features that are very helpful while riding your vehicle. With Garmin Devices, you get voice command of directions (turn right, turn left) that makes it convenient in driving.


Map plays a vital role in Garmin’s navigation device by providing you with each peculiar details starting from what your location is, distance range, drop location, landmarks and many more. In short, giving you visual of your route. Even if you are a fresh driver and unknown to the place, Garmin map will be your best guide.

Well, of course, Garmin has proved its versatility in GPS arena. It has been aided for launching portable easy-to-use navigation devices keeping in concern for driving awareness. Here is the best nominated Garmin GPS device which you can prefer :

Garmin Nuvi 1350

  • It has lifetime maps for the users to make it
  • Garmin Nuvi 1350 comes with currency converter feature that helps you know the value of another country.
  • It also includes eco-routing.
  • The weight of Garmin Nuvi 135O is less (15.6g) that makes it easily portable.
  • It comes with photo viewer feature so you can easily understand and point your current location.
  • Its width is 3mm thinner taking less space.
  • It comes with lifetime traffic updates to let you navigate through the latest route.

This can be the best Garmin navigation device to opt as it can match your expectations.

Note: To know about the latest routes, users should have regular Garmin Map updates.

Furthermore, Garmin comes with free and paid map updates on which the customer rely. In both cases, they need to go through a step by step procedure. To help you with that, we have written down the simple steps to make it easy for you. Just follow them and know How to Update Garmin Map:

Connect your device to the computer

Before starting the update, you need to connect the Garmin device to a computer via mini USB cable and wait for the prompts. If you have connected for the first time, then you need to sign in into Garmin Account.

  • Install Garmin Express for Garmin GPS Update on your Computer

Next, you must have Garmin Express installed on your computer. If are a new customer you need to go through below steps to download Garmin Express App

For Windows

Have a double click on the Setup file

Follow the coming on-screen prompts to “Install” page

Check and Click on I agree for “I have read and agreed on terms and conditions.”

Tap on “Install”

Lastly, click on “Yes” when prompted.

For Mac

You need to open DMG file of Garmin App

Verify the software details if necessary.

Click and drag Garmin Nuvi icon on “Application” folder.

Lastly, follow the prompts.

  • Access or purchase Updates

Now it’s time to install the updates. If your device hasn’t been recognized you need to click on “Add a Device” and locate your GPS. After that all the available updates will be shown by the Garmin Express App, you need to click select all. Keep your device connected while the updates are finished. If you haven’t purchased lifetime update, you may need to purchase at this point.

  • Disconnect your device

Lastly, you need to safely remove the device from the computer and re-install in your vehicle. Now, you will have all the latest information in your GPS device like newly constructed roads, new landmarks, traffic updates and many new features by Garmin.

Summary– This article includes features and Garmin Updates for all those who want to seek the latest details regarding Garmin.


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