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Are you always misplacing your belongings at home which inevitably makes it difficult for you to leave your house on time?

Are you wasting significant amounts of productive time scavenging for your smartphone or wallet until the last minute which ultimately feels like punctuality is your sworn enemy?

Yes, misplacing things and searching for them later can be frustrating and can take up a huge chunk of your time.

This can be particularly stressful in the mornings when you are running late for work. Luckily, however, with the Panasonic Seekit app and the tracking device, this entire ordeal is made a little less daunting.

Panasonic Seekit App - Key Finder, Wallet Finder, GPS Phone Bike Tracker App
Here is a brief description of how this impossible task is achieved.

Panasonic Seekit possesses a separation indicator

The Separation Indicator is a useful feature that alerts users in circumstances when their possession gets disconnected. This acts as a reminder when you leave your belonging behind by mistake.

Besides this, the device also consists of bi-directional tracking. This makes certain that you can effortlessly find your tagged belongings, as well as, find your phone without having to rummage through your entire house for it. To locate your phone, you simply have to double press the button on the Bluetooth tracker.

It is easy to tag, connect and find

Panasonic Seekit is easy to operate and master. All you have to do is tag it to your belongings.

Once this is done, you need to connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth. Following this, you can begin your search to find what you are looking for, should the need arise. Besides your smartphone and wallet, Panasonic Seekit tracker also makes it easy to track your luggage when you are travelling.

Other factors that make the tracker a useful device to own

You can quickly check where exactly your belonging was the last time it was connected, owing to the Last Seen Location feature. To put this feature to use, all you are required to do is open the Panasonic Seekit app.

If you miss out on the signal delivered to you by the Separation Alert feature, checking its last seen location proves to be a lifesaver. Crowd GPS technology is another feature that makes sure that you can detect a stolen item with the help of the Seekit community of app users. Other than this, there is Proximity Guidance that helps to lead you to your lost valuable with ease.

A good choice to make

If you are someone who thinks the gift of a phone finder can be the solution to all your delays and waits, then the Seekit Loop, as well as, Seekit Edge, are definitely the gadgets you should own and put into use every single day of your life. Besides being a tracker, it also possesses the ability to send SOS alerts for you, should you be stuck in any kind of danger. If you happen to be in this situation, it sends your GPS location to three of your family or friends when you press the Seekit button three times.


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