Collagen Face Cream


Does Collagen Face Cream Really Work?

It’s easy to spend a ridiculous amount of money on collagen facial cream. What do you really get for your money? The price of a collagen cream often has more to do with the expensive advertising and marketing used by the company that produces it. Most of the actual ingredients are actually quite cheap. Let’s take a look at a few facts you may not know.

Layers of Skin

Collagens are basic proteins which exist in the fibres that make up the dermis skin layer. Before you get to the dermis, there are four or five layers of cells rich in keratin. For collagen facial cream to work effectively, they would need to be absorbed through four to five layers of skin.

Even if they were to get through, these creams could not replace collagen fibres damaged and lost in the ageing process.

Ways to do that do exist, and we’ll cover that in a minute, but collagen creams simply can’t achieve this. On top of that, the manufacturers only put very small amounts of collagen in their products.

Active Ingredients

When you look at a product label, ingredients on the list are ordered according to the percentage of the product they make up. This goes from the highest percentage to the lowest. Active ingredients will also be listed first.

Pharmaceuticals and sunscreens are the only ingredients in the United States which are considered to be active. Protein does not qualify as an active ingredient. You are like to see aqua – water – listed first on most collagen facial cream products.

Collagen Percentage

Over the years I’ve read the ingredients lists on many such products, and typically “collagen” is somewhere around 20th on the list. Artificial preservatives rank even higher on the list. As there is a maximum of artificial preservative that companies can legally put in any cosmetic product and that percentage is quite low, that gives a clear indication of how much collagen there really is in these products.

This lets us know that the real amount of protein included in a collagen cream is not enough to deliver any actual benefit. We do have alternatives, however.

Issues to Address

A skincare product must deal with three issues in order to counter ageing signs. One of these is a low level of hyaluronic acid. The second is damage from free radicals, and the third is a decrease in the skin’s natural production of fibres and new skin cells.

1. In order to increase the level of hyaluronic acid present in the skin, we must stall the activity of enzymes that break it down. Wakame kelp extracts can help with that.

2. For the prevention and repair of damage caused by free radicals, we can use the antioxidant coenzyme Q10. However, it has to be formulated properly using expensive nanotechnology, or else it will be unable to get through the layers of the skin. No existing collagen facial cream contains this ingredient.

3. For the stimulation of the growth of new fibres and skin cells, researchers have demonstrated that zinc and copper bound together with protein can achieve that function. You have to be cautious, however. Some companies know the benefits of copper, but include dangerously high levels that can lead to allergic reactions.

Value for Money?

To sum up, collagen creams are a waste of time and money. It’s not even worth reading the long list of artificial ingredients. Now your aware collagen facial cream is not a good option for you, without any regards to the price.

Quality Natural Products

Natural skincare through the use of natural products is the best method for achieving healthy-looking skin.


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