Famous Ransomware Attack: The New Online Threat


What is the one word that most online security engineers and companies fear in this digital era? Take a guess. We know that it is not easy, but you can take chances. Yes, you are right – the name is ransomware. The sudden rise of this type of malware has baffled security experts, but the truth is that this evil is here to stay for a long time. In this article, you will gain information on famous ransomware attack: the new online threat.

Are you the person who is hooked to the recent trends in technology? Then you will know about various types of malware that have gained widespread media attention. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we will give information on notorious ransomware, that crippled businesses and cause mayhem around the world.

1. PC Cyborg – Another name is AIDS Trojan

For the first account of popular ransomware, you have to go back to the pages of history, specifically, 1989. It was called the PC Cyborg or had another name AIDS trojan. It was the first to ask a ransom. But there is a change. This ransomware attack infected the systems via floppy disks, and only after 90 reboots did the virus attack the system. Some activities included changing the directory as well as file names and making the computer non-usable.

2. Archievus

The name may sound like a Greek warrior, but the year was 2006, this ransomware appeared. It had a weird activity for its users. If you became the victim, you need to purchase from some online sellers. Then the encryption key will be given. But not every password was different. So, the password became known all over the globe and helped many persons recover their data. This ransomware attack affected only the Windows users and in it, the My Documents folder.

3. Reveton

Have you heard the word – Revered? Then remembering this ransomware name is easy. It was in 2012 that this ransomware attack happened. But unlike the others, it was clearly disguised as a post from law enforcement agencies. Also dubbed as the Police Trojan, once it gets installed, the victims had to pay fine by means of sending the payment to various agencies.

4. CryptoLocker

It was in 2014 that the name ransomware becomes synonymous with the general public. And it became famous because of the CryptoLocker ransomware. This trojan also targeted Windows users and spread fast due to email attachments.

But the payment made by individuals and companies were huge because of this ransomware attack. It is estimated to be in the numbers of three million to twenty-seven million. But arrests have been made of people who designed the Trojan. But two ransomware came bearing similarities with CryptoLocker. They are TorrentLocker and CryptoWall.

5. CryptoWall

It was in the last days of 2013 that CryptoWall ransomware attack happened, but it gained fame in the next year. There were various similarities to CryptoLocker including the ransom fees. The infection was the same, such as email attachments and through downloads.

As per the survey, this ransomware infected millions of computers and caused encryption of a number of files. This was the first ransomware to announce a deadline for the payment.

6. TorrentLocker

This ransomware attack affected both network and local files, and caused encryption of files. Then it will send a message regarding the ransom as well as the deadline. It was the first ransomware to increase the payment if the victim had not paid the payment before 72 hours.

7. LOcky

As the title suggests, this ransomware demanded payment in Bitcoins. It first affected a healthcare company in the US. In the year 2016. And it is said, that the concerned healthcare unit, paid thousands of dollars to retrieve the encrypted files. The infection came in the form of an invoice and once downloaded, it will encrypt the files and ask for the payment.

8. Petya

This ransomware used the topmost encryption method to make the system unusable quickly. This software prompts the victim to do a reboot. Then the entire system becomes a waste. Then the payment has to be made in bitcoins.

9. Breaking Bad

Have you seen the famous television series, Breaking Bad? But there was a change in the way, this ransomware operated. It did not lock business data but did the opposite. It locked documents, videos, and photographs.

10. WannaCry

This was the first ransomware to hit in the middle of 2017. It infected more than two lakh systems in more than 150 countries. WannaCry becomes famous as it used the worm-like features for spreading to other computers and an entire network.

11. NotPetya

You can call this ransomware as a subsect of the previous Petya, and Ukraine was the first country to get infected. It was disguised as a tax software package. It used the same methods to spread like WannaCry and infected many systems.

12. Bad Rabbit

It was in the month of October 2017 that this Bad Rabbit ransomware attack first got noticed. The first countries to get targeted were in the Turkish, Russian and Ukrainian countries.


With this article, we hope that you have gained enough information on the famous ransomware attack in the globe. True, once a system gets infected, then it becomes difficult to retrieve the files. And you need to do safe browsing on the internet. It is best to have an antivirus, antispyware program on your computer or laptop. And maintenance, it is better to do every six months.

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