Foods High in Vitamin C


This is a guide to choosing foods high in Vitamin C

Within the present day, the C vitamin simply must be the best known of all vitamins. This should not come as a surprise since the body requires vitamin C to perform more than 300 functions. Studies have shown that vitamin C can offer protection against cancer, heart disease and other illnesses of concern to most people.

It should be noted that the body is unable to heal itself in the absence of vitamin C. The reason for this is that vitamin C is the crucial ingredient for the body to form collagen. In the absence of sufficient quantities of the C vitamin, a person’s body sustaining an injury or even just a cut would have a very difficult time healing without the collagen brought about by the C vitamin. Without a sufficient quantity of vitamin C, the body is not able to keep organs in place or perform a variety of other functions since collagen is required to do this.

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant in our bodies and assists with better absorption of other minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C is required by iron and folic acid in order to maximize its effectiveness. Though the C vitamin cannot guarantee an individual won’t catch a virus; increased quantities of the vitamin can accelerate the process of recovery and increase our defences to additional common ailments; not just colds.

Though vitamin C is found in nearly every vegetable and fruit, there are some containing considerably higher amounts. The foods high in Vitamin C content such as melons and cranberries are very high. It should be noted that tropical fruits contain the highest levels of vitamin C.

When we look to vegetables as a rich source of foods with vitamin C, hot peppers come in as the winner. Interestingly, the vitamin C content goes up along with the heat of the pepper. To our dismay we find that one of the facts on vitamin C is that it’s water-soluble; therefore the effective nutrient is lost if a vegetable is boiled for a long period of time. In order to retain the vitamin C content, simply steam the vegetables or do a quick stir fry. One can easily obtain the recommended daily amount of vitamin C when they consume five servings of either raw or quickly-cooked vegetables and fruits.

Taking a vitamin C supplement is a great way to be sure an individual is getting the right amount of this nutrient. Notably, if the body receives a balanced diet then the quantity of vitamin C is quite possibly ample. Consider the fact that when a person starts to experience lethargy or tiredness, a vitamin C supplement can assist in overcoming this condition – just another one of the benefits of vitamin C.

There isn’t any worry about absorbing too much or having a vitamin C overdose from foods high in vitamin C because our bodies naturally excrete any excess.


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