Frustrated With Medical Billing Denials? Yes, It Is Avoidable

Frustrated with Medical Billing denials

You might have seen the situations when your health insurance company refuses to pay for the healthcare services obtained from your professional. At this time, you get worried a lot because you do not understand what must be done next. According to data, medical billing denials range from 5-10% in medical practices.

Also, one out of 5 medical claims needs to be appealed that is about $25 per claim. You must be happy when you get to know that the denials in medical billing can be avoided up to some extent. You can reduce a small percentage of these denials which can contribute a lot. First, you will have to understand the various types of medical billing denials so that whatever comes across you can solve it.

Duplicate Claim:

The billing denials may be rejects to these reasons. As per data, a huge percentile of denials generate due to this fact. In many cases, claims constitute of the visit on the same day, same service and even for the same beneficiary. That is the reason why the claims are being rejected.

Missing Information:

As per data, about 61% of the denials generate due to some information that is missing. It may include demographic errors, no Social Security number or a wrong plan code. These fields when left blank causes about 42% of denials write-offs as per data. So, to deal with the situation, you can cross check all the fields so that you can avoid these problems.

Not Covered:

When the procedures are not covered under the patient’s current benefit plan causes this kind of denials. So, to avoid it you can check the eligibility details of the insurance plan before submission.

Services already settled:

The denials also cause when benefits of a particular service are included in the payment for another service that has been settled legally before.

Limit Expired:

Sometimes, denials occur when the time limit for filing the medical claims has been expired. This time also includes rework rejections. So, be careful of the time limit.

Now you have an idea about the various types of denials. You must now know the medical billing denials and solutions particularly.

  • Patient data quality:

You must improve all the data and fill it properly to avoid the possibility of denials.

  • Work with payers:

You must work with your payers so that you can reduce your contract requirements. It leads to refusal on appeal.

  • Claim management software:

You must optimise your claim management system to make sure your edits are functioning well.

  • Automated Predictive Analytics:

You can use automated predictive analytics to reduce the denials. It will help you in the smooth submission of your claims.

  • Denials prevention environment:

You must strive to create such an environment in all parts of the revenue cycle. It may include medical records of the patient, coding and compliance and accounting.

So, you now have adequate information regarding the solution of the medical denials. You can now carefully these points in mind to avoid the denials.


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