Health Benefits of Water Purifiers


What are the health benefits of water purifiers?

As consumers, and members of communities, we have been witness to a huge trend in people who have turned, or are turning, to natural health and related products and issues. For example, you have seen the rise in the popularity of organic food, the disagreement in the use of pesticides, the rise in popularity of local produce and farmers markets, the list goes on. We are now taking notice of one of the most important things we can do to enhance our health…. drink pure water!

In reality, although there is a rise in health awareness and conscious choices are being made to consume healthier food and drinks, our drinking water has declined in its purity. There has been some comprehensive research that now shows over two thousand toxins in the water we may consume on a daily basis. This list of toxins includes lead, chlorine, runoff chemicals from farming processes, and corporate pollution.

I dread to think of what may be in our tap water! The health benefits of water purifiers have surely got to be worth investigating?

People are under the impression that by drinking and buying bottled water they will be protecting themselves and their health. Unfortunately, bottled water is not of consistent quality across brands, is usually no purer than water out of the tap, and is often just a big scam. The reason for this is the lack of standards dictated in relation to bottled water and an absence of rules and regulations that say it should be of any particular quality.

Beware of companies who market their bottled water as being safer than tap water, it is most likely a scam and unlikely to be true.

One of the things that are amazing about bottled water is that it is likely to cost you more than gasoline or petrol. If you are someone who takes notice of environmental issues, you may also like to consider the following points:

  • Bottled water leads to the production of millions of plastic bottles
  • Bottled water uses resources during transportation to reach you
  • The plastic bottles are dumped in landfill
  • There is no real reason to buy bottled water as it is no improvement on tap water

What do you think would provide a solution to this issue for you, your family, and the natural environment? The answer may lie in water filtration systems in people’s homes. The health benefits of water purifiers should be more widely publicised, and there is definitely potential for them to become part of home improvement and new buildings.

Choosing a Water Filtration System

Firstly, there are many significant differences between the products that are available. The higher-priced systems may not necessarily be the better quality. You, therefore, need to consider various points during your research:

Reverse Osmosis

The systems that are currently best selling have been termed ‘distillation’ or ‘reverse osmosis’. Although these systems do quite a good job of removing contaminants from your tap water, they may not be the optimal choice because they will also remove any beneficial minerals from the water such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Natural water sources are not de-mineralized!


Many products do not have multi-filtration which basically means that the worst toxins are not actually filtered out of the water. Essentially, you may still be consuming the toxic materials you are trying to avoid drinking if they are not all filtered out. You won’t achieve the expected health benefits of water purifiers if the filter system is not filtering the harmful chemicals and toxins out sufficiently.

Water Uses

We all consider the water that we drink, but what about the water we use to wash fruit and vegetables during preparation or cook food with, and take a shower or bathe in? You have to remember that the warm water you use to bathe and shower in will open the pores of your skin and your skin will be penetrated by the water… and the chemicals and toxins within it.

Pure water hydrates your skin and is very beneficial. Water that is not pure may cause dry skin, or other skin disorders and conditions. It is therefore important that you consider all the water you use in your lifestyle, not just the water you consume by drinking.


There are quite a few companies selling water filters that are well-known brands and are perfectly good products. However, my first choice would be Aquasana. For the last five years, Aquasana has been voted “Best Buy” by Consumer Digest.

  • One of the good things about this brand is that they cater for all ranges of budgets and requirements.
  • Shower water filtering
  • Water filters for individual faucets, such as your kitchen faucet.
  • Glass bottle filters. Don’t use bottled water in plastic bottles, use refillable glass.
  • Whole house water purifiers and filters

Visit one of their sites now click here and find out why I, and tens of thousands of other educated consumers, consider Aquasana to be not only the best dollar for dollar buy but the best products overall regardless of price.

Visit one of their sites now, and find out more about the health benefits of water purifiers, by selecting from the links below. Find out why so many consumers choose to consider Aquasana, not only for the high quality and choice of products but also as the best value for money.


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