How To Be A Motivated Runner


You risk staling and denying to run. A Motivated runner who is consistent has the best results and the best habits. Enjoy!

Those who run dream big things. Things like tackling a new distance, setting a personal best, losing 10 kilograms – we people embrace some amazing challenges.

But what is going to happen after you accomplish your goal, or even if your desire to run weakens before you succeed? You risk staling and denying to run. Runners who are consistent have the best results and the best habits.

Here are some to help you out:

You wanted to run those 10 kilometres today, but because of your family or work, you just couldn’t make it happen. The solution would be to put running as the number one on your personal agenda.

People who run early in the morning get a feeling of having accomplished something great while others were sleeping, as well as extra energy from that morning run.

Start with one to two days every week. Knowing you have five days where you get to snooze your alarm clock makes getting up early a lot less painful. Set out your clothes, your sneakers and the water bottle to get out the door as soon as possible.

Eat more vegetables. Simple as that. Low in calories and packed with nutrients and vitamins, veggies should be the main thing in every runner’s diet. Their carbohydrates power your workouts, while their antioxidants help you recover faster.

Warm-up before you run. Start with something like 15 seconds of a single stretch after a run.

Get more sleep. If you just can’t manage to go to bed several hours earlier, decrease your running distance. Make a decision: sleepover kilometres.

Finally, don’t forget to have breakfast and to eat something before you run. As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you’ll always need a good snack and a healthy one to ensure you don’t hit the concrete while running.


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