How to Weight Loss with Hibiscus Flower Tea


Losing weight is a daunting and difficult task for many. Many people look for expensive, chemical-laden ways to lose weight and end up piling it back on eventually. One simple lifestyle change may help with weight loss: Hibiscus Flower Tea.

Hibiscus can help stop the absorption of carbohydrates

Hibiscus, a flowering plant which can be grown successfully and with little cost all over the United States, contains an enzyme inhibitor called phaseolin that blocks the production of amylase, which is the complex enzyme that converts starches into sugar. So the consumption of hibiscus, commonly used in cuisine as a beverage will help reduce the absorption by the body of carbohydrates and eventually lead to weight loss.

Hibiscus is Calorie-Free

Hibiscus is used in food and drink for its fruity and tart flavour. Its taste is often likened to cranberry. An 8-ounce glass of the brightly coloured hibiscus tea, which is most often made from the calyxes, contains no calories or sugar at all. In contrast, an 8-ounce glass of unsweetened cranberry juice contains a whopping 104 calories and 27g of sugar. If you swap your morning glass of fruit juice for a cup of hibiscus tea which is delicious hot or cold, you could lose about a pound a week. Furthermore, a review in 2010 published in the Journal for Nurse Practitioners found that by increasing the consumption of herbal teas such as hibiscus tea, weight loss was supported as fluid intake was increased, and soda and juice consumption was decreased. Hibiscus can also support weight loss through its ability to fill you up. If you’re already full up on hibiscus, you’re less likely to reach for that mid-afternoon chocolate bar. You can reduce your calorie consumption without even trying or feel those nasty pangs of hunger.

Hibiscus flower tea is packed full of Antioxidants

Antioxidants aid weight loss both directly and indirectly – directly, through speeding up metabolism, and indirectly, by building up the immune system, fighting free radicals and protecting the body from disease, therefore improving overall health which in turn means it tends to be easier to lose weight quickly and without difficulty.

Hibiscus Banishes Bloating

Due to its natural diuretic properties, hibiscus helps the body to dispose of extra water it is holding on to, which is very common during dieting, and therefore preventing and treating bloating. Furthermore, during weight loss, when fat cells are depleted, they often fill up with water, which is why people often suffer from weight loss plateaus for periods which can last several months. The diuretic effects of hibiscus help to avoid these plateaus and therefore weight loss can be more significant.

Supporting Studies

A study back in April 2014 has revealed encouraging results in relation to hibiscus flower tea as a weight loss aid. The study, which took place at Chung Shan Medical University Hospital in Taiwan included obese patients ages 18-65 and took place over twelve weeks. Half of the participants were given two 450mg hibiscus flower tea bag made from extracts of Hibiscus Sabdariffa three times a day and the other half a placebo. The participants who took the hibiscus flower tea showed reduced body fat, reduced waist-to-hip ratio, and weight loss was moderate.


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