Improve Hair Texture with Simple and Effective Remedies


If there is one thing every girl likes to flaunt with pride is her hair.

Be it short hair, medium hair or long and flowing waves, every girl aims that when she steps out of the house, her hair looks picture perfect and flawless. Texture plays a huge part in how your hair appears overall and reflects the health of your hair as well. Dry, brittle and coarse hair is more prone to breakage and damage and harder to maintain.

Soft, silky and smooth tresses are always envious and now you can tame your hair better and improve its texture with these easy remedies:


Eggs mask are a wonderful and easy option to help smoothen the hair texture and make them feathery soft. Egg is rich in protein acting as a natural conditioner which also helps improve overall strength and thickness for luscious hair. This is a good routine for your hair as it replenishes protein which is a crucial building block to healthy hair. Beat one or two eggs and apply them to wet hair for 30 minutes. You can wash it off normally with water and shampoo to get rid of egg odour. Repeat this twice a week for silky and shiny hair.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet can’t be replaced by expensive hair treatments and beauty products. Healthy food will help nourish the hair naturally making it stronger on the inside. Healthy hair develops an automatic sheen and texture. It will help purify your blood and help you fight dandruff and brittle hair which is prone to breakage. Be sure to eat green vegetables, fish, milk, eggs and nuts to give your hair the nourishment and care it needs.

Olive Oil

Olive oil adds volume to your hair and helps improve texture making them soft and silky. It also renders strength to the hair making them less prone to damage. Massage your hair as well as scalp and keep it on for at least 35 or 40 minutes. For greater effect, keep the olive oil lukewarm which will seep into the hair follicles better. You can wash with regular water and shampoo and if you’re up for it you can even leave the oil overnight. Using this remedy twice a week will surely have helpful results.

Green Tea

Green Tea is healthy not only for the body but even your hair. Green tea is enriched with antioxidants, Poly Phenols and Vitamin C which helps it condition your hair and helps you tame those tresses a lot better. Green tea makes your hair strong and conditions it making it a lot healthier and sleek. Applying green tea to your hair and scalp helps make it soft

Onion and Lemon

By applying a paste of onions and lemon juice, you can get great hair in no time. Leave this mixture on your hair for about half an hour before washing it off. Be sure to use a herbal shampoo which will get rid of the odour of onion which can be quite unpleasant and strong. This way you also ensure the sulphur in onions doesn’t react with any other chemicals in hair products.

Following these simple home remedies will definitely show positive effects over a period of time to give you lustrous Rapunzel-like hair you won’t get enough of!


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