Make Your Own Nocino: Homemade Healthy and Sweet Walnut Liqueur


Sweet and sticky, a liquor made from unripe green walnuts is also called Nocino

Sweet and sticky, a liquor made from unripe green walnuts is also called Nocino. Besides its excellent taste, this drink has also healthy characteristic. Green walnuts have many useful properties because they are full of vitamin C, iodine and minerals. So, if you want to have a strong immune system and keep your thyroid gland healthy, drink Nocino once in a while. And here’s how you can make it. It is very easy!

Recipe for Walnut Liqueur


  • 10 to 20 unripe green walnuts (depends on size)
  • 500 grams of sugar or honey
  • 1-litre vodka, brandy or schnapps
  • A little bit of cinnamon, cloves and vanilla bean (split lengthwise)


Wash the walnuts and then cut them into halves and quarters, depending on size. You should probably use the gloves when cutting them because your fingers can turn brown and yellow from walnut juice. And of course, watch your fingers, shells can be little tricky to cut through them.

Take a big jar and put walnuts and sugar or honey in it. Honey is surely a healthier option. After that, you can put cinnamon, cloves and vanilla bean, and depending on what you like, you can put all of or neither one of them. Close the jar and shake it to mix well. This mixture should stay closed for about 45 days, with shaking daily. The colour of the Nocino will become darker after the time passes. After 45 days, strain the mixture and keep it in bottles in a cold and dark place. This healthy drink can last for a long time and it gets tastier and better after a while.

Unripe green walnuts have lots of healthy ingredients in them. They have minerals, vitamin C and iodine and they have a positive effect on the thyroid gland and digestive system. Mixed with honey, green walnuts can be given to children to improve their immune system and beat anaemia. So, just try them, you will feel healthier in no time!


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