Natural Teeth Whitening


Natural Teeth Whitening – Use of Lemon  – Advantages and Disadvantages

The lemon juice is a very good natural teeth whitening remedy. The lemon juice and lemon peels can be used to clean your teeth. Lemon juice can also be used by mixing with ordinary table salt. A paste of lemon juice and salt can be prepared easily while at home and can be used for many days. This is the good paste and removes the teeth discolourations.

The lemon juice is rich in citric acid. Citric acid can react and result in a decrease in the calcium quantity of the teeth. The enamel of the teeth can also be damaged due to the action of citric acid. Hence we can say that lemon works good for teeth whitening but have some disadvantages associated with it too.

Natural Teeth Whitening – Use of Strawberries  –  Advantages and Disadvantages

Another frequently used natural teeth whitening tip is to use the strawberries paste. The paste of strawberries can be made easily in the home and you can brush your teeth with that paste. The advantage is that it results in the good white teeth.

The strawberries paste has a high PH value and is more acidic in nature. The acid can react with the tooth enamel and tooth calcium that may result in the damage of tooth enamel and quicker teeth decay. So this method should not be used frequently.

Natural Teeth Whitening – Gargling with Peroxide  –  Advantages and Disadvantages

Peroxide is the good natural teeth whitener and is frequently used. Gargling with peroxide is found to be effective for whitening your teeth. You can buy the peroxide from the local markets and can use it while at home. The prolonged use of the peroxide may irritate your teeth and cause the teeth sensitivity.

Natural Teeth Whitening – Use of Water and Raw Food

The use of plenty of water is very good for the teeth and overall body health. After your meal, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove all the good residues from your teeth. You must improve your eating habits for better dental health. Fruits, vegetables, salads are the best food for your teeth. Avoid processed and fast food as much as possible. Coffee and tea are also very bad as they create teeth stains.

These were few natural teeth whitening tips with their associated advantages and disadvantages.


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