Salonch Beauty Professional’s App Review


If you are a beauty professional, beauty salon owner or beauty conscious, then Salonch would be a perfect application for you. This application is currently available in U.S.A. But it would expand their market globally in a short while.

Android version of the application is reviewed here. 

This application’s platform is designed for two segments:

  1. For beauty salon owner.
  2. For beauty professionals.
  3. For clients.

Firstly, salon owners can find beauty professionals like barbers, cosmetologists, estheticians and so on based on their need and interests by highlighting the uniqueness of their shop and its working conditions.

Secondly, a professional in the beauty field find this application very useful. They can select their work-place as per their trained or specialised area as well as they can choose their work ambience by reviewing the facility offered by the spa or salon shown in the application.

Ultimately, this application would be an asset for those who are beauty conscious or regular visitor of a beauty parlour. Application highlights different shops services as well as their rates — also, the timings of each shop on each day.

How Salonch Works:

To explore the features of this beauty-related application go through the following steps:

  1. Download the application from Google Play.
  2. You have to sign in with your email id or via Facebook.
  3. You will receive an email to complete the sign-up.
  4. Then log in with your email id or facebook id and the password.
  5. After that application gives you two options:
  • a). Whether to login as a beauty professional or owner.
  • b). Login as beauty client.
  1. Complete your profile.
  2. Then a home screen with images different salons will appear with options at top left and right corner and the bottom.
  3. These options are :
  • a). Search: to search the salons at different locations.
  • b). Refresh: to refresh the page.
  • c). Filter: to filter which type of shop we are looking for.
  1. While at the bottom, options are:
  • a). Search: to search the salons at different locations.
  • b). Favourites: to see the favourite shops.
  • c). Message: to answer the queries.
  • d). Settings: helps to manage different options.

Salonch Beauty Professional’s

How to log in!

Salonch Beauty Professional’s

Top Menu!

Salonch Beauty Professional’s

Bottom Menu!


  • As an owner, you can claim your shop in the application and explain the specialty as well as the services offered by your shop which helps you to increase the beauty clients at the same time it attracts highly professional beauticians.
  • In the case of beauty professionals, they can use this application for job hunting as per their demands, interests and specialized area as a professional.
  • While scrolling down the application, the professionals can see the vacancies available in each salon or spa either on rental or hiring basis.

Salonch Beauty Professional’s


Salonch Beauty Professional’s


Employment opportunities!


  • While login as beauty client you can see the services, rates and timings of different shops near you and also the team who is backing the firm is visible including their photos and specialisation.
  • You can select the same as per your interests and requirement.

Salonch Beauty Professional’s

Details and team!


  • Perfect application for beauty professionals as well as owners.
  • Rates, services, timings are available.
  • We switch to the client as well as beauty professional without any hassle.


  • Application found to be a little bit slow while scrolling down.
  • Available in U.S.A.


A must-have application for those who are related to beauty fields either as owner or professional or as a client.


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