Shiny, Soft and Sexy Hair in Just Few Steps


Hair can be damaged very easily and quickly, so it can be a real challenge to keep it strong and healthy. Of course, there is always something you can do to improve it, and here are some tips and tricks.

There are many factors that can damage your hair, from sun, chlorine and salt, to snow, wind and cold weather. But if use these smart tips, all of these factors can do you nothing.

Preserve Your Color

Tip for Blonds

If you are dyed blond, you’ve probably noticed that after a swim in a pool, your hair gets greenish colour. And you’ve probably blamed chlorine for that. But, that is not true at all. You can only blame the copper, because, in touch with water, this element will lead to a change of your hair colour. So, if you don’t want that to happen before you jump into a pool, apply non-washable conditioner, because it will save every hair, and prevent copper to get in touch with it.

Tip for Brunettes

Nobody likes when their perfectly brown hair gets orange shine after a sunbathing, so how to protect your colour? The answer is simple – with hydration. Two times a week apply a mask on your hair, and let it be as long as you can. If you are planning to go on a vacation, dye your hair in a shade darker than you usually do because it will enlighten in the sun.

Protect the Ends

Ends of hair are prone to get damaged with almost everything, so it is very important to keep them protected. Apply on them washable conditioner for dyed hair, and while you are on the beach, but your hair into the bun, or wrap it up with a stylish scarf. Don’t forget the hat, it is the ultimate fashion detail for the summer.

Tame Your Curls


Hydration is the most important thing when it comes to curly hair because, without it, your hair will become lifeless and dry. You have to apply hair conditions and masks, and the best ones are the ones made at home, so look for a homemade recipe and give new life to your hair.

Tame Every Hair

During styling your hair, try to tilt your hair forward, but do this only if your hair is healthy. Otherwise, your hair will only be electrically charged, and you will look messy. Spray your hair with hydrating spray and then dry it. It will look neat and soft.

Give Life to Your Curls

It is hard to keep your curls nice and neat during rainy days. But, there is something you can do. Apply styling foam every morning into the hair, and during the day you can mix warm water with a tablespoon of sugar and spray your hair with it. This mixture will reactivate foam in your hair, giving your hair sexy look.

Greasy Hair Can Be History

If you have problems with greasy hair, you can do the next thing: Dip the hairbrush in a bowl with cornflour, and comb your hair. The flour will soak excess grease, and you can shake your head after ten minutes just to get rid of excess flour that might stay on your head.

Achieve Seductive Shine

If you want to have perfectly shiny hair, you can make it happen with one simple ingredient you probably already have in your kitchen – vinegar.

Mix 1/4 cup of vinegar with a cup of water. Pour this mixture over your head and then rinse it with cold water. The vinegar acid will dissolve a layer of filth, leaving your hair clean and shiny.


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