9 Signs You’re Over stressed And Don’t Even Know It


There are scientific proves that stress can be the reason for many health problems. Stress reduces the functioning of the immune system and by this, it makes us more prone to illnesses.

There are two types of stress: good and bad and both of them are experienced by our body, thoughts, and environment.

Unfortunately, it is very usual when we are overstressed to not even notice the stress because this condition can mask itself under certain symptoms.

Here we’ll present to you 9 symptoms that you are overstressed and don’t even know about it:

  1. Your body is in pain

Most of the time we don’t even pay attention to the signs our body is trying to give us until we start to feel unbearable pain. When you’re overstressed your body starts to break down and to experience ulcers, stomach issues, chest pains, palpitations, and diarrhoea.

Some other signs also are chronic headaches, arthritis, or aches all over the body. So, don’t ignore the symptoms and try to find out what is happening to your body.

  1. You aren’t sleeping well

If any changes in your sleep patterns start to occur, such as excessive sleeping from tiredness or insomnia it can be an indication of overstress.

But don’t worry, there are many methods that are great for solving sleep problems including a healthy diet, exercise, or meditation. But first of all, you should find the root of your problem.

Stress is very bad for you and it has a negative effect on the peaceful state of mind. Age or environmental factors can have an impact on your sleeping patterns, so when you are overstressed, sleep is the first thing that gets affected.

  1. You have weight fluctuations

No matter if you are forgetting to eat or you are overeating, it’s an indication of stress. Stress is responsible for slowing down your metabolism, and by that for making you gain some weight. On the other hand, stress can also be manifested with losing weight rapidly, thus when we are overstressed, cells can’t get enough oxygen.

Wetter you are not eating enough or are you consuming a high amount of sweets, your mental capacity to deal with emotional issues is the base for how we treat our body.

  1. You can’t stop thinking about work or problems

Are you thinking about work, finances, and other everyday problems trying to find a solution, there is a very big chance that stress has affected your body.

But, if you don’t detach from the problem, you won’t be able to find a solution and the excessive worrying can only cause more physical and psychological issues.

  1. You can’t sit still

If you are constantly anxious, and can’t sit and relax or read a book, it is time for you to find out what is this. The mind can be our worst enemy. So, in order to fight this, it is very important to manage your fears and anxiety.

It’s a fact that the emotional imbalance in the body can trigger stress and most of the time we avoid some things so we push them further and further down until they are manifested in stress.

  1. You have little patience with others

If you don’t have tolerance or patience with other people, it’s very possible that you are being overstressed. Also, if you get angry quickly or you snap, it is most likely that you are handling with too much in your life.

But you should feel free to ask for help and be vulnerable and the best thing to do if you find yourself in a situation that you don’t have patience with others is to slow down and calm yourself.

  1. You have major mood swings

Stress level is directly connected to our mental health. If you are feeling happy in one moment and enraged or crying in the other, there is a chance that the stress is affecting your hormones. You should try and solve this because maybe stress won’t injure your body, but it can hurt your relationships with others.

  1. You have hair loss

A significant amount of stress can cause a change in the physiological functions of your body and thus cause the hairs to simultaneously go into resting phase. As a result in 3-4 months, all the resting hairs are shed.

The substantial physiological stresses on your body can act as a disruption to the normal hair cycle. To avoid this you should discover the emotional cause of these physical changes.

  1. You have a loss of libido

One of the things that people don’t take in consideration when they are under stress is the loss of libido. This happens because the stress hormone secretion which is responsible for sexual response get affected when stress levels rise.

Stress is the cause of tiredness and inability to have any kind of intimacy, so if you notice that you have a low libido, try stress management and other techniques for relaxation.


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