Smoking Effects On Women’s Health and Beauty


Smoking Effects

Hello friends, we all know that smoking cigarette, cigars, hookahs or through any means are very harmful to our health. But, do we know how much it affects a woman internally and externally. That is, smoking affects women’s looks and health, both are a lot hampered severely..

Hence, it is high time for you all to understand and combat this habit to avoid future destruction to your body. Even packet of smoking itself says, “Smoking is injurious to health.”

Thereby, I have collected all the scientifically proven, worst health and beauty smoking effects on your body. Hope you get aware now and quit this habit.

Worst Smoking Effects :

  1. Smoking effects on skin

Smoker’s complexion of the face turns darker. Smoking leads to discolouration and de-pigmentation of skin. The face looks dull, pale and yellowish. Alkaloid prevents the flow of oxygen that leads to the sallow complexion.

  1. Smell

The smell from a smoker’s mouth or a smoker’s place or from his clothes is so annoying that no one enjoys it. It gives bad breath. Also smoking tobacco, ruins your mouth and tongue. People wish to avoid smoker’s company.

  1. Premature and Early Ageing

Wrinkles, baggy eyes, dark circles, fine lines develop around the skin and under eyes. It affects as much exposure to sun deteriorates the quality of the skin. Also according to scientists, non-smokers are 4 times more active than smokers in the morning.

  1. Smoking effects on teeth

Yellow stained teeth look non-pleasant. Moreover, the jaws lose their teeth holding capacity. Hence weakens the quality of teeth.

  1. Smoking effects on Hair

Hair fall is a serious and unavoidable problem. Also, natural lustre and look of the hair are lost. Smoking thins your hair.

  1. Smoking effects on fingers and nails

Around fingers and under arms, the inner body parts, the human body tends to develop yellow stains and hard skin. Also, finger nails, turn harder and shape less similar to a mountain.

  1. Smoking effects on Lips

One of the attractive part of your face. They turn darker with nicotine present in good amount in cigarettes.

  1. Deficiency

Smokers have Vitamin D and iron deficiency in their body. Starvation of oxygen and other needed important nutrients in the body.

  1. Smoking effects on Bone density

The bone density that already decreases after the 30s will start its destruction the way faster and earlier.

  1. Cancer and Heart Attacks

Yes, we all know smoking is one of the easiest ways to catch this disease. Smoking effects lungs and hence smokers have a higher vulnerability of developing lung cancer. Also, non-smokers have a 6 times lesser chance of suffering heart attacks than smokers.

  1. Smoking effects on  Menopause and Pregnancy

Smokers have frequent menopauses at a younger age. Also, it is more difficult for them to expect a baby and get pregnant. Problems like miscarriage and abortion are more common with women smokers.

  1. Smoking effects on Breathing and lungs

Younger lungs do not grow much and elder lungs stop their proper functioning. Moreover, they have more breathing problems and always feel a lack of available oxygen.

Hence, People, get it, “Smoking does no good, rather just bad and bad.” Therefore, combat these worst smoking effects.


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