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Introduction – Let’s get this SociLive Stream Review started

As you probably know live streaming is one of the most productive methods to catch people’s attention online. Research shows that people tend to like live streaming more than any other content formats. They also are more likely to engage and take action during and after live streaming events online. If you wonder if that means you have to create tons of video materials or actually live-stream content to grab that attention, wonder no more. The answer is ‘No.’

The solution comes when it is the most needed. The whole idea behind SociLiveStream is that it allows you to use and live stream videos that are already uploaded to YouTube. Can this be that simple? Yes and this simplicity will not only save you a lot of time but will also boost all the engagement factors efficiently. If you are looking for ways to increase engagement in your online activities the SociLiveStream is the tool that will help you do the task.

Did I get your attention? Great. Let’s move on to more detailed info included in this SociLiveStream Review to figure out how you can benefit from this easy to use tool.

First things first – SociLiveStream Review & Overview

AuthorDaniel Adetunji
Launch planned on12/12/17
Launch Time11:00 am EST
Price: $27.00
Bonuses:Yes (see all three options below)
Refund:Yes with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Support availability:Yes, highly responsive support online
Skill requirements:Suitable for all skill levels
Performance-Price Ratio:Performance: High |
Price: Low. Great choice!
Intended for:bloggers, vloggers, online personal branding, live streaming video marketing

So what is this SociLiveStream all about?

SociLiveStream is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) tool designed to potentially skyrocket engagement factors on your web activity by allowing you to live stream pre-recorded videos directly from YouTube. You do not need to go live to stream your live event anymore. One of the SociLiveStream greatest functionalities is that it allows you to choose ranking encouraging keywords from autosuggestion pick-list. This cannot be any easier. More engagement = more attention and more attention = more sales. To make the long story short, SociLiveStream automates the live experience.

Who is behind it?

socilive stream daniel adetunjiSociLiveStream Review has to say at least a few words about the people behind the venture. SociLiveStream has been developed by the well-established software company XerOneIt with over 7 years of market experience. XerOneIt is the brand behind such tools as Video Marketer RX, SiteDoctor, Saas Email Scrapper, SiteSpy (SEO Analytics) or Facebook Search Engine. The company also offers consultancy services to worldwide customers. The person who runs the company, the CEO of XerOneIt is Mr MuraduzzamanvB.S.c/M.S.c, an experienced, skilled and educated computer science engineer.

The man responsible for the promotion of the software is Daniel Adetunji. He is the man behind such successful developments as SociClick, InstaFunnel Formula, Flexsocial or Instant Video Sales Letter. Some say he’s got what it takes to spot a winner and once he gets engaged in the promotion of a software product, then this has to be something of great value. In case of SociLiveStream, I personally think he spotted a diamond. All the research I’ve done shows positive opinions about him and his professional career.

A detailed description of special features

• Create Live Events and start building engagement before the live event starts
• Live Events Scheduling allows you to set the exact date and time the live begins
• Great keywords suggestions for maximum efficiency in video rankings
• Sharing the live event with your social network will skyrocket the engagement, views, backlinks and above all will boost your Google ranks
• Allows you to easily share the information about the upcoming live event with your social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Linkedin, YouTube and Medium
& a lot more than that!

Who should get it?

This tool has been designed and developed to serve anyone who operates in the blogosphere, vlogging, online personal branding and live stream training and courses. It’s great for coaches, gurus and experts in any field who share their expert knowledge with people online. In my opinion, this is a must-have for any marketer out there thinking seriously about levelling up their marketing game resulting in more traffic, more engagement, more leads and a serious boost in rankings.

Are there any disadvantages?

What I actually don’t like and would like to express in this SociLiveStream Review is the fact that for the lowest price of $27 you get the access to a limited set of basic functionalities. I would expect at least a short, free of charge trial period to be able to feel and taste the power of SociLiveStream.

The truth is that for just $10-$20 more you will get the full access to all the features which makes buying the basic option less of a deal. I guess that the developers and the promoter know that SociLiveStream is an extremely useful tool, so they decided to go with no free trial but a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. For me, this sounds fair enough.

The experience of using the SociLiveStream

In this SociLiveStream Review, I must say that I’m personally a big fan of live streaming as one of the most efficient methods to build up viral and targeted traffic, I was really excited to have the possibility to test the solution that comes with the SociLiveStream.

Having the possibility to pre-record, pre-upload and schedule a live event while being able to widely promote it across all the major social platforms prior to the start of the event, is something I personally find extremely useful. In my case going actually live is a big deal.

I know it’s the most efficient way to grab attention and boost engagement factors as well as bring in leads & sales, but I do not feel too comfortable with that promotion format. Having SociLiveStream instantly solves that problem. For some of you, it will be a solution that will stay in your arsenal forever just as it will stay in mine.

I know there are high-quality manuals and instruction videos available but since I am quite experienced in the use of many different software tools I decided I’ll give it a try on my own. It took me about 5 minutes to figure everything out.

The interface is simple and intuitive. After recording and uploading to YouTube my test video I scheduled the live event (in a small Facebook group I am a part of) and a few minutes later the live started bang on time. That being said I can honestly state that the software works perfectly as promised by the dev team.

socilive stream step1

socilive stream step2

SociLiveStream Review – pricing info and final verdict

We are getting closer to the end of this SociLiveStream Review. As I already mentioned before this software has an incredibly positive Performance-Price Ratio. It comes in several options:

Front-End: $27
$27 sounds like peanuts compared to the possibilities the tool gives you. The cheapest option gives you access to SociLiveStream basic features like live streaming in YouTube and Facebook, keywords suggestion tool, Facebook syndication to pages, groups and personal profiles. You will be allowed up to 60 campaigns per month and 10 social media accounts.

OTO 1: $37
For the mere $10 then the Front-End option you will get unlimited syndication and streaming of as many campaigns you want + an unlimited number of social media accounts. This option supports multiple campaigns run at the same time. It also allows you to syndicate content from YouTube to Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, the blogosphere and to WordPress. Sounds good enough to consider paying that extra few bucks.

OTO 2: $47
This is my personal favourite pick. The best Performance-Price Ratio comes with this $47 option. For that low price, you get all the above-mentioned features unlocked + Email/SMS notifications, Intro video creation, YouTube video and channel analytics tool and the Facebook live streaming notification posts in Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit or LinkedIn. The full potential for the best performance and a reasonably low price.

OTO 3: Training and Webinar access: $47

OTO 4: Agency License: $197

Don’t forget that it all comes with a No-Questions-Asked 30-day Money Back Guarantee. If, by any chance, you don’t like what you got you can ask for a refund. The purchase is RISK-FREE!

As a conclusion allow me to present my reasoning behind the purchasing decision. It is pretty simple:

SociLiveStream = More targeted traffic = More attention = More engagement = More leads = More sales + it also saves me a lot of time allowing me to schedule my daily tasks just as I want and need them to be.

For as low as $27-$47 you get an extremely functional and useful tool – some might say it’s a weapon to fight competition in the rapidly growing live video markets. Since there is no real alternative to the SociLiveStream which would be as thoroughly developed, my guess is that getting onboard of this rocket may be the way to level up my marketing game I was looking for. I am convinced. You should be too.

Wait! There is more! BONUSES are available for our SociLiveStream Review readers!

SociLiveStream comes with a selection of exclusive bonuses available to those who make the purchase.

BONUS No. 1 Facebook Groups for Beginners
It is what it says – a beginners guide to Facebook Groups. This course teaches you the basics plus it throws some light on the topic of Facebook Groups promotion. To some of you, this might come in handy.

BONUS No. 2 LinkedIn Auto Post Machine with Multi Account License &Whitelabel
Any LinkedIn brand advertiser will find this powerful white label script useful. Within minutes and just a few clicks, it allows you to create personalized LinkedIn campaigns. Main features: multi-accounts support, auto-reposting, customizable and theme-rich, multi-language support, multi-user support, the great video tutorial for installing and operation.

BONUS No. 3 SiteClone Machine
This PHP script allows you to make clones or copies of any website. It works with HTML-built sites as well as those created with CMS like WordPress or Joomla. Once the copy/clone is created, you can browse it online, download it as a ZIP file, send it by email or upload it to another server. SiteClone makes all the URLs fully relative by rewriting them. Thus it allows you to use the copied/cloned site both online and offline.

BONUS No. 4 CoursePress PRO Machine | EXCLUSIVE 24-hour offer!

Now that’s what I call “Useful” with capital U. CoursePress PRO allows you to create courses and add them to your WordPress site (also works with WordPress Multisite). CoursePress PRO is WordPress easy to install and use a WordPress plugin. Absolute MUST-HAVE for anyone sharing or selling knowledge.

Creation of beautifully looking courses is simple as 1-2-3 plus you can also invite and promote your event to students. The plugin comes with Live Chat Integration and the ability to list your course on MarketPress or WooCommerce. It allows you to sell the access or simply give it for free to anyone and it’s compatible with over 13 payment gateways available on MarketPress. If that is not enough, you can always combine CoursePress with WooCommerce to get instant access to over 100 payment options. I love it!

I hope this SociLiveStream Review helped to convince you to do yourself a favour, get the SociLiveStream (+BONUSES) now and become a part of the growing live streaming market now.

Remember: IT’S A 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE with 30-day money-back guarantee (which I think you will never want to use).
SociLiveStream Review verdict and score: 9.5/10 | MUST-HAVE


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