What is Dragon Pearls? Dragon Pearls Health Benefits And Effects


What is Dragon Pearls Tea?

Dragon pearls tea has an incredibly exotic-sounding name, and it should. The intricate process used to make dragon pearl tea makes it both unique and highly sought after by tea enthusiasts. As you might guess, dragon pearl tea gets its name because of the pearl-like shape of the tea that you receive when you first purchase it. While the pearls (or spheres of tea leaves and often floral elements) unbind themselves as the tea steeps and brews, its initial shape gives the tea its distinct name.

Origins of Dragon Pearls Tea

The history of dragon pearls tea appears to be just as unique as the tea’s name. According to David’s Tea, dragon pearl tea came to be when a Chinese emperor was looking for an original way to express his love over 1300 years ago. While this romantic gesture was sweet in nature and historically significant, it certainly had a lasting impact on the tea industry as a whole. The emperor, in fact, gave all of us the gift of dragon pearls tea, and it is now a tea type that is known around the world.

Types of Dragon Pearls Tea

The one common thread of dragon pearls tea is the floral jasmine element that is included with the pearls of tea. While the tea is commonly made using a green tea base, that is not always the case. Some dragon pearls tea makers choose to use black tea or white tea to make their pearls. White tea is tea harvested early in the growing season, and it gets its name from the white or silver appearance of the tea leaves. White tea is also often processed very little when the tea is created, so it is very close to the original plant form that it was harvested from when it is made and sold as tea. Black tea gets its name from its dark black or brown colouring.

While it is created from the same leaf base as green tea, the difference is that the black tea is left to fully oxidize before it is processed into tea. Each type of tea base will create a different flavouring of your dragon pearl tea, so it is a good idea to know which type of tea you typically enjoy most before purchasing the dragon pearls tea. However, as the jasmine component can change the flavouring of the tea, you may want to try each variety of dragon pearl as your favourite may change when blended with floral elements.

Each dragon pearl tea is tightly rolled into round tea spheres. While the tea pearls are larger than typical loose tea that you are used to, it is measured in the same way. This is because you can expect the pearls to unbind themselves after you place them in water to brew your tea. You will end up with a beautiful and floral tea blend after steeping the pearls in water for just a few minutes. A lot of tea drinkers love the visual elements of the pearls and jasmine flowers just as much as they enjoy the flavour of the tea.

How to Select and Prepare Dragon Pearls Tea?

How to Select Your Dragon Pearls Tea

Selecting dragon pearl tea has a lot to do with your tea tastes in general. As the common flavouring in dragon pearls tea is typically the jasmine flower, it is the base tea flavour that will likely change your perception of the tea. Dragon pearls tea is most often made with green tea moulded into the perfectly spherical pearls that are blended with jasmine flowers. However, some dragon pearls tea is made from black tea leaves or white tea leaves. If you tend to prefer one type of tea most, start with that variety when selecting your dragon pearls tea.

You should also look at the pearls to see if they are made from fresh looking and healthy tea leaves and if the blend contains them, jasmine flowers. While you will likely not be able to count the number of tea leaves and buds, most pearls are estimated to have around 30 packed inside. This does seem like a lot, but if you were to count the number of tea leaves in your typical serving of loose leaf tea, you would see that it is very similar to the pearls.

How to Prepare Your Dragon Pearls Tea

While dragon pearl tea may look large when you compare it to loose tea, it really is not much different. The tightly packed pearls of tea will unbind themselves when you steep them in water to brew your tea. This means you are able to measure the tea just as you would with any other variety of loose tea that you typically make.

When preparing dragon pearl tea, most tea drinkers recommend brewing it with hot water as the hot brew complements the flavour best. That being said, some tea drinkers do prefer cold tea, and so it is up to your personal preference how you make your dragon pearls tea. It is recommended that you add 1 to 2 teaspoons of dragon pearls tea to a pot of hot water and steep the brew for between three and five minutes. Both the amount of tea that you add and the length of time that you steep it for will have a big impact on the tea flavour that you get. If you like a strong and bold brew, then add more tea and leave it brewing in the water for a longer period of time. If you prefer a lighter and subtle flavour, then you will like your dragon pearls tea more if you use fewer pearls and brew the tea for a shorter length of time. People tend to enjoy changing the proportions of tea to water and the duration of brewing time in order to try different strengths of tea. Once you find a combination that gives you the flavour that you like the best, you will be happy that you taste-tested many different strengths. However, starting with the recommended brewing time and the amount is best when you are first brewing the tea, as that is the most popular way to make dragon pearls tea.

Dragon Pearls Tea Health Benefits

Many people drink dragon pearls to enjoy the calming and relaxing feeling that the delicious beverage provides. Dragon pearls tea can be a cooling drink in the summer when served over ice, or something to warm you up in the cold fall and winter months. No matter when you are enjoying your dragon pearls tea, you might also be able to get some pretty extraordinary benefits from a cup of dragon pearls. Studies show that certain dragon pearls teas have health benefits, and a lot of dragon pearls tea enthusiasts swear by different blends to help with certain maladies.

This does have a historical precedent, as many Asian cultures have incorporated tea and tea leaves into their natural medicines for centuries. While these herbal remedies may not be as popular with some people today, the basic elements of the plants still give them the helpful properties that may help you with your health worries. Please do note that if you are considering drinking dragon pearl tea for the potential health benefits it can have, it is best to talk to your doctor first. They know your health and concerns best, and they will be able to advise you on whether or not drinking the tea can help. Your doctor can also let you know if there are any factors you should concern or potential side effects that you should look out for when drinking the dragon pearl tea.

Antioxidants and Dragon Pearls Tea

One of the most sought after tea benefits is the powerful antioxidants that many varieties contain, and the jasmine in dragon pearls tea means that it is no different. Jasmine tea can help to prevent the body from the negative impact that free radicals can have on it, according to a research study done in 1997. This combined with the fact that many tea types also contain antioxidants mean that dragon pearl tea could potentially be very healthy for people seeking benefits from antioxidants.

Dragon Pearl Tea and Stomach Problems

If you frequently get an upset or nervous stomach, the consider drinking dragon pearl tea. Once again, the jasmine flower can be an excellent way to get the desired health benefits from this unique tea. Jasmine has been known to help soothe and calm many common stomach ailments. Drinking a bit of dragon pearl tea when you are not feeling well can help flood your body with relaxing and calming prosperities that have been reported to reduce or eliminate stomach problems in tea drinkers. If nothing else, a lot of tea drinkers say that sitting down with a cup of tea helps them to reduce nerves and anxiety. Often, feeling uncomfortable or anxious can lead to stomach problems. By taking the time to sit down and sip the naturally delicious dragon pearls tea, you might be able to stop the onset of stress and anxiety-related stomach problems before they even begin. Once again, if you find that you have chronic stomach issues that are not easily remedied, it is a good idea to consult your doctor to make sure there is not a more serious issue with your health. However, jasmine tea has been known to help calm many stomach ailments and can be a good solution for the occasional upset stomach.

Dragon Pearls Tea Side Effects

You may think that drinking tea does not have any side effects. While for most people drinking tea is perfectly safe, for others there can be some risks involved. This is especially true for people with documented medical conditions or for people who are on certain medications. Tea is typically a safe and relaxing beverage, but you should always check to know what the possible side effects are to ensure that you do not see any negative impacts from having dragon pearls tea.

Dragon Pearls Tea and Caffeine

Depending on the tea leaf base that you choose for your dragon pearls tea, there may be some caffeine in the tea. While it is often thought of as a calming tea because of the jasmine elements, many tea varieties also contain some amounts of caffeine. For most people, this will not be a problem. However, for some people caffeine can produce many negative effects. Some people who have negative reactions to caffeine report an overly alert sensation, having problems falling asleep or staying asleep, or even a somewhat elevated heart rate. There are also some medications that are specifically not meant to be taken with caffeine as they can have negative reactions to each other when combined. Anyone who is worried about consuming caffeine should check with their doctor first before drinking tea that contains even small amounts of caffeine. Your doctor can check the medications that you are currently on as well as your overall health and let you know if caffeine is safe for you to have when drinking dragon pearls tea. If you notice that you are having trouble sleeping after drinking the tea, you might just need to drink it earlier in the day. Caffeine generally takes a few hours to get out of your system, depending on the quantities you consume.

Dragon Pearls Tea and Allergies

Since tea is made directly from plant leaves, it can trigger allergies in people who have bad reactions to certain natural elements. This is especially true for people who are allergic to flowers, as dragon pearls tea often incorporates jasmine flowers or buds into the blend. If you have a documented plant allergy or even if you suspect that you might, it is best to get yourself tested for allergies before you try to drink dragon pearls tea. Your doctor or allergy specialist will be able to test you and let you know if dragon pearls tea is safe for you to drink or if you should potentially avoid it to prevent an allergic reaction.

Dragon Pearls Tea and Relaxation

While some teas have enough caffeine to keep you alert and awake, it is best to be cautious when drinking dragon pearls tea. This type of tea often includes jasmine flower as part of its blend. According to many studies, jasmine can have a calming and relaxing effect. This is often one of the very reasons that people drink tea. However, for some this relaxing effect can be negative. It is not a good idea to drink the tea if you need to be completely alert as the tea may inhibit that.


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