What is Jiaogulan Tea? Jiaogulan Tea Health Benefits And Effects


What is Jiaogulan?

There has been an incredible buzz surround jiaogulan tea. While the tea is considered to be quite delicious, it is also widely known for its numerous and considerable health benefits. The tea has been around for a long time, and certain populations drink it every day, several times a day. Depending on your goals and taste preferences, you might just find that jiaogulan is your new favourite tea

Where Does Jiaogulan Tea Come From?

Historically, jiaogulan tea comes from the climbing vine that was found mostly in the Asian countries of China and Korea, as well as Japan. As the health benefits of the plant became more widely known and the tea became more popular, farmers began to grow the jiaogulan climbing vine in more and more countries where it continues to thrive. Nowadays, the jiaogulan tea you will purchase often originates from growers in Thailand, and many tea growers are quite proud of their sustainable growing practices when creating the leaves that make jiaogulan tea. Some tea growers recommend consuming multiple cups of jiaogulan tea a day in order to receive the full health benefits that it has been reported to have. While it might seem like a lot of tea at first, replacing your daily coffee intake with several cups of jiaogulan tea has been reported to have lasting and far-reaching health benefits in many studies and naturally occurring cases.

How Does Jiaogulan Tea Taste?

While you can select how strong you want your jiaogulan tea to be by varying the time you brew it for and how much loose tea you use, it is important to know that the tea has a taste that can easily be altered. Do not use regular, unfiltered tap water when brewing your tea, only use pure water to ensure that you do not get a tea with an altered taste.

You should also know that tea can be brewed for an extended period of time. Some brewing instructions even say you can brew your jiaogulan tea for up to ten minutes when you are making a cup. This is because jiaogulan tea does not inherit the bitter qualities that so many teas do when you steep them for a long time. While many people are familiar with leaving a tea bag in a cup for too long and then having to get rid of the cup of tea and start again because it is too bitter, that is not an issue with jiaogulan tea. In fact, jiaogulan is naturally sweet, and your tea will not require additional sweeteners to taste delicious. Immortality has great news for people who are trying to be healthier by eliminating unnecessary or extra sugars from their diets. That is not to say that you cannot over brew your jiaogulan tea. There is potential for the tea to become bitter if you brew it for too long, but it is less sensitive to long brewing times than other more subtle types of tea.

How to Select and Prepare Jiaogulan?

Jiaogulan tea is popular for more than just its healthy properties. Many people drink the tea purely for its wonderful flavour. There are a few things you need to consider before getting your jiaogulan tea, and taking these factors into account will help you to make the best tea possible right in your own home.

How to Select Your Jiaogulan Tea.

Choosing jiaogulan tea can involve a great deal of research. As the plant is typically grown in Thailand, most people look to online markets and reputable tea sellers to ensure they are getting the best tea possible. When selecting your jiaogulan tea to make sure the tea leaves are fresh and not overly brittle or dulled. Fresh tea will be the most flavorful and delicious, and if your tea has been sitting around in a shop or factory for a long period of time it will likely taste less rich and full. Some jiaogulan tea growers boast their harvest to market times on their websites, allowing you to see how quickly the tea is produced and helping you to decide if the tea will be fresh enough for you to enjoy.

How to Prepare Your Jiaogulan Tea

Brewing the perfect cup of tea has a lot to do with your individual taste preferences. Some people like a stronger tea, while others prefer a subtle flavour. You also have to consider whether you are in the mood for a refreshing cup of cold tea, or if you are more inclined to have a cup of hot tea, especially on a crisp fall or chilly winter day. However, each tea type and blend do come with some particular brewing recommendations. While these are only recommendations, and you might find you prefer to prepare your jiaogulan tea in a different way, it is a good place to start. After you have brewed the tea using the recommended instructions you can play around with different amounts of tea leaves and brewing times to personalize the tea to your taste.

For jiaogulan tea, the recommended tea leaf amount is one teaspoon for every standard cup of tea you plan to drink, and it is suggested you brew the tea anywhere from three to a full ten minutes. That is probably pretty surprising, as ten minutes is a long time to brew tea by most standards. However, if you like a very strong cup of tea, you might find this brewing time to be just right. Likely, you will fall a bit lower on the brewing time scale, and prefer to let your jiaogulan tea steep for closer to five minutes.

Another consideration is the water temperature. While the brewing guidelines recommend a fairly wide range from 60 – 100 degrees Celsius, the temperature also depends on you and your brewing setup. It can be difficult to control the temperature of your tea water without proper equipment. Some tea drinkers use water thermometers to ensure they reach the best temperature for their tea brewing. Others prefer more automatic methods and invest in high-end tea brewing machines that let them set the temperature they desire. Some of these machines will also allow tea drinkers to set the machine to the type of tea they will be drinking to help get the optimal temperature for that tea type.

Jiaogulan Health Benefits

Some are even predicting that jiaogulan will replace ginseng in popularity because of its healthy properties. This is because both plants have something called saponins, that can have really beneficial impacts on the body, and jiaogulan actually has a measurably higher number than ginseng contains. However, it is important to note that the two plants are not actually that similar and cannot be used interchangeably, especially not where tea is concerned. There are a lot of other reported benefits to drinking jiaogulan tea, and some studies even suggest it can have a huge impact on people’s lives. If you are considering drinking jiaogulan tea to improve your health, you should talk to your doctor. As jiaogulan tea is made from plants, some people who have plant and nature allergies could have negative reactions when they drink the tea. Also, anyone who takes medication should consult a doctor before drinking jiaogulan tea, as there could be some possible negative side effects when the medication is taken with jiaogulan. Your doctor knows your health best and will be able to accurately tell you if the tea is safe for you to drink, or if you should avoid jiaogulan tea and look for a different variety that might be safer for you to drink.

Jiaogulan and Longevity

Everyone is looking for ways to stay healthy and live longer. While there has not been a fountain of youth discovered to date, certain remedies and cures have been reported to increase people’s lifespans considerably. Some believe jiaogulan can be counted among the remedies that keep people living longer. This benefit was first reported and examined in the 1960s when people in a certain Chinese city were living longer, and it was determined that the common link they all shared was their increased consumption of jiaogulan tea. These tea drinkers were living longer because some of the natural elements within the tea were improving their overall health as well as preventing some common issues that could have created negative effects as they aged.

Jiaogulan and Blood Health

For some people, drinking jiaogulan tea can also improve their health by creating healthier blood. It has been reported that jiaogulan can lower both blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure overall. This benefit is quite desirable for people who have trouble managing their cholesterol. It is also sought after for those who have higher than normal or unsafe blood pressure levels. While many of these complications require medication and doctor’s care to either correct or control, some people seek additional natural remedies like jiaogulan tea to help them get even healthier and have better results. However, it is important to note that if you are on medications for blood problems or if you have any concerns about your blood health you should consult a doctor before trying to use jiaogulan tea to improve your health. It has been known to slow the blood’s ability to clot in certain people, and this risk needs to be assessed by your doctor.

Jiaogulan Side Effects

Most people do not consider drinking tea a very risky activity. For many people, it is not. However, as tea comes from plants and is consumed there are always some risks of side effects involved in drinking it. Drinking jiaogulan tea is quite safe for most people, but you should always talk to your doctor before trying any new foods or teas if you are concerned about how they may impact your health. This is especially true for jiaogulan as the very health benefits it provides to some people will be considered negative side effects by others.

Jiaogulan and Blood Clotting

If you are aware of any problems with your blood clotting, then you should likely avoid jiaogulan tea. In certain people, it has been reported that it takes longer for blood to clot after the elements in the plant have been consumed. Again, talking to your doctor about your concerns especially where blot clots are concerned, is the best course of action. This is especially true if you play sports or engage in any high-risk activities that may result in you getting injured. The ability for your blood to clot is a critical function, and if you are at risk for the injury you especially should not do anything to inhibit your body’s natural ability to clot blood.

Jiaogulan and the Immune System

For a lot of people, a boosted immune system is a great thing. Especially if they are prone to getting sick or are often around people who are ill. This, however, is not the case for people who have auto-immune diseases. Anyone who currently has an auto-immune disease is advised to avoid ingesting jiaogulan as it could potentially heighten the immune system and increase the symptoms of their disease. Even if it does not seem like a cup of tea could negatively impact you very much, you should still avoid drinking jiaogulan tea. The body is comprised of many complex and interrelated systems. Disrupting that balance, even just a bit, can be a big problem. If you already have an auto-immune disorder, it is best not to risk triggering a symptom increase or aggravate the disease by drinking jiaogulan tea.

Jiaogulan and Nausea

Some people find tea a great way to unwind and relax their stomachs if they are anxious or nervous. However, others report feeling symptoms of nausea when they have jiaogulan. If you are prone to having upset stomachs or have difficulty with nausea in general, this might not be the best tea for you to try. Having persistent nausea whether or not you are consuming the tea is certainly something to consult your doctor about. However, if you drink jiaogulan tea and find yourself feeling a bit nauseous or queasy, then you know it is likely the tea that is making you feel unwell. Many people do not feel this side effect from the tea at all, but it can be something to watch out for when you are trying the tea for the first time.


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