When The Body Asks For Help – 10 Important Signs That You Can Not Ignore!


We don’t even think about this, but our body is very intelligent and it’s sending us signals all the time. But the question here is how often we pay attention to these signs. Unfortunately, very often we ignore these body signs and that is when damage happens.

It is really important to learn the signs our body is sending us so that we can prevent illness or some disease. You should also pay attention to how, when and what your body is trying to tell you to understand the message easier.

10 Important Signs That Show Your Body Is Asking For Help:

  1. Persistent dry skin

We all know that the skin is the largest organ on our body, and when it gets dry it can be really annoying and uncomfortable. When we lack vitamins, especially vitamin E, our skin tends to crack, itch and scale. To be sure you have enough vitamin E include more fish, nuts and healthy oils to your diet, or start consuming vitamin E supplements.

  1. Brittleness of the hair and/or nails


Same as with the skin, vitamin deficiency can also make your hair or nails brittle. In this case, low levels of calcium and vitamin B can make them dry, crack and scale. To avoid this problem try consuming more whole-grain bread, whole grains, milk, legumes and potatoes.

  1. Increased desire or consumption of sodium or salty foods

When we crave for salt-laden foods it can mean that we need additional mineral supplementation or there is inflammation or an infection somewhere in our body.

  1. Increased desire or consumption of sugary foods

The improper dieting can be manifested with a lot of cravings. There are many different ways to counteract the cravings, such as drinking water, eating fresh and leafy greens, eating healthier and many other.

  1. Increased desire or consumption of raw foods

Foods like sushi, sashimi and cheese can put the gastrointestinal or digestive system in an imbalance. To prevent this, you should try to supplement these raw foods with fresh and leafy veggies and fruits.

  1. Increased desire or consumption of seafood.

Most of the time seafood is a healthy dietary choice. But if you have increased desire for seafood, it can be a sign of some problems. It can mean that our body has a lack of nutrients or minerals, or that there is iodine deficiency. To be sure that you don’t have any of these problems, you need to include fresh cuts of meat or poultry and get some sort of substitute for vegans/vegetarians.

  1. Psoriasis

When someone has psoriasis or scaling on the arms or elbows, almost always it’s an indication that there is a lack of vitamins and minerals. The most important vitamins here are vitamin A and C, so be sure to include foods like apricots, carrots and oranges to your diet.

  1. Cramping, poor sleep or insomnia

These three symptoms can be alleviated by magnesium and potassium. Magnesium is the main inhibitor of neuronal activity, and on the other side, potassium is the most important nutrient for brain, heart and muscle health. So, to be sure you are provided, including more green and leafy veggies, almonds, nuts, apricots, bananas, and plums.

  1. Bleeding from the mouth or gums

Sometimes even if you have proper oral hygiene, bleeding of the mouth or gums can occur and that can be because of a lack of vitamin C. You can provide your body with vitamin C by eating fruits, veggies and garlic, or you can use supplements.

  1. An increased desire for sour foods and beverages

We all know that hormonal changes in pregnant woman always lead to cravings for sour foods or drinks. But these foods can stimulate the liver and gall bladder and cravings for them can indicate that there is a problem with them.


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